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The authorities of Pasadena in the year 1897 finalized ten acres of land positioned in the Arroyo Seco area of Pasadena , California . The site was simply complimentary to the Tournament of Roses Association. In 1921, they constructed a building in a "horseshoe" shape with an intention to accommodate as many admirers as possible. At that time the seating capacity of the arena was 57,000. The arena was named “Rose Bowl” by a police reporter named Harlan W. Hall. In October 1922, the Rose Bowl hosted the first football competition between the University of California Bears and the University of Southern California Trojans . In 1929, the south end of the arena was closed to give the structure its egg-shaped look. The renovation increased the seating capacity to 76,000.

The Rose Bowl is recognized widely for the New Year's Day football game. But off lately many other events have called on the Rose Bowl to host their events. The Rose Bowl is a home stadium to UCLA football, Major League Soccer (LA Galaxy), Fourth of July celebrations, live shows, spiritual services, and the world's largest flea market (R.G. Canning). The Rose Bowl also hosted five NFL Super Bowl Games, the 1994 Men's World Cup, and the 1999 Women's World Cup and soccer tournaments. Currently it is serving as the home of the Galaxy of Major League Soccer. The stadium also represents the nation's one of the contemporary buildings which lay specific importance on the comfort of the visitors, event scheduling and community involvement.


In the year 1998, new independent seating facility was established between the end zones of the seating area. It was done in order to make the Rose Bowl the 21st Century's Americas ' premier college football stadium. The stadium was also upgraded with the installation of new matrix-style scoreboards. The luxury suites were also constructed to enhance the excitement of the shows. The suites offer unparallel benefits to view the events in a more luxurious way. It includes the following amenities:


• 14-18 seats per suite

• Television monitors in each suite

• VIP parking passes

• Event programs to members of your party

• In-suite catering

• Concierge service

• Private elevators

• Access to exclusive restrooms

Trivia of the Arena:

•  Seating capacity: 90,000+.

•  Approximate number of rows: 77

•  Parking space available: 20,600.

•  The stadium is 880 feet from north to south rims and 695 feet from east to west rims.

•  The total circumference of the rim is 2,430 feet.

•  The grass area measures 79,156 square feet.

•  The fence of the stadium is bonded by over 100 beautiful varieties of rose bushes.

•  The stadium is built approximately 830 feet above sea level.

•  If it comes to filling of water in the stadium till the rim, it will consume 84,375,000 gallons of water approximately.

•  The Rose Bowl Press Box is the highest point of the stadium at 100 feet above ground.